Facets Of You

You have a thousand faces my dear

Indications of moods and swings

States of being or doing

A smile for joy and jokes

A big wide O for the height of pleasure

Whilst fingers grasp the sheets uncontrollably

And a lone tear for when things get too much

Whilst you bury your face in your pearly hands

The red cheeks of fury you get when you try

Your best not to scream and rage at the system

Me and others who crossed your path

The pink blush when he tells you he loves you

Accompanies eyes that avoid his before flicking back

A glance that tells him you feel the same way

The unreadable expression when you play poker

Mischievous and innocent at the same time

No small wonder you win every game

The stare so full of revulsion and hatred

When you look at yourself in the mirror

Flared nostrils, pouty lips and unremorseful eyes

You have a thousand faces my dear

So please, choose another one and see what we see.

Little Ginge x


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