Greedily my eyes search yours for an answer

For the slightest connection we can abuse

Every inch of my body hungers for yours

Yet my mind waves like the acquaintance

You met only an hour ago, give or take a minute

I can sense your reluctance too

You’re wondering ‘why this stranger?’

My body no different than Eve or the holy mother

A face set plain granted with a mischievous smile

Personality bordering on lunacy, in a good way

Yet an unmistakeable magnetic pull between us

A force that does not come lightly or often

I try with all my might to find a commonality

Because after tonight the chance will have died

Along with the waning moon, shivering away

From the blinding dawn, yellow upon orange upon red

Nestled in the tangle and mess of white linen and wry grins

Yes, after tonight, it’s goodbye.

Little Ginge x


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