I’ve drawn the line so many times now

I’m playing tic tac toe with myself

I could lose at any time

The left over lines have become strings

And have crocheted myself a jumper

That I can wear on my ‘I don’t care’ days

Which are becoming ever so frequent

I wish you would give me a reason to care

Something to dream about

A memory to linger over when I’m bored

Or spaced out in my private world

Or I could doodle my name with your initials

Like a silly little schoolgirl

But this is no school uniform I’m wearing

I’d gladly take my jumper off for you

If you would give me a chance

Let you join in my game of childish lines

Or play a different game if you like

We could combine all the lines

We draw by ourselves and amalgamate them into a big circle

With simply you and I in it.

Little Ginge x


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