I fall for teachers

Anyone that can show me something new, such as,

My father; right from wrong, the perfect cuppa,

Queen are the best band in the entire world.

My pets; love is unconditional and without reason.

My Uncle; I make good gingerbread men,

and telling me that nothing or nowhere is unreachable.

My first boyfriend; I matter.

My mother; she knows best, a smile is only ever seconds away,

marriage is about compromise (for the man).

My elders; manners cost nothing, you’re never too old to put on a silly voice.

My best friends; always embrace the weirdness, the importance of staying in touch, I’m an evil genius at Monopoly.

My Auntie’s: family are the ones left after the ordeal.

My tutors; my taste in films suck, hard work is rewarding,

new people aren’t scary.

My abuser; trust is a fragile thing.


I fall for teachers

Because I still have many lessons to learn.


Little Ginge x



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