Why Now?

Why now?

I gave you a chance

And you walked away

What intrigue do I hold for you now?

I’m even more dysfunctional as a person

After your hands tore chunks out of my heart

Threw them at a wall still throbbing with life

And watched them slide into the gutter below

Now you expect me to fawn all over you

Oblivious to the fact I’ve moved on

You assume my life is worthless without you

But it is worth more

I stand on my own two feet and require no praise

You like to think you’re unattainable

But you’re all too easily obtainable

You’re attracted to shiny things, sparkly people

The flavour of the month; fickle to a fault

Your love has a price that cannot be bartered

And the best things in life are free.

Little Ginge x


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