How we laughed my dear

In a carefree and light way

Without the weight of expectation

Before I fell for you

Love changes everything, so they say

By Gods they were right

They meant for the better

My love made it worse

I made you squirm with my unsubtle hints

Shameless and unquestionable flirting

Denying your very being

Toying with my own emotions

Like an unstable puppeteer

I made my own happy ending in my head

Convinced myself you were shy

But you loved others and I was a fool

I thrive on honesty

The core of all my relationships

You saw the light and told me the truth

And I felt wrath at first

The lust decimated by a wealth of anger

And then only jealousy remained

You got to be free and I started searching

For soul mate number two

Little Ginge x


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