I smile at you

Whilst you glare at me

Unmistakeingly bitter

No desire or love

I’d fall to my knees

To hear your heart beat

For a whisper, a pulse

Or a gentle soft thud

Every minute apart

Feels like a week

Like waiting for snow

On a hot summer day

You’ve left my heart aching

My sanity breaking

The memories are fading

You refuse to indulge me

I look for my face

And there’s no reflection

Just your eyes boring back

Without a trace of emotion

I’ve lost reality

Spinning into an abyss

Constantly trying to imagine

Our hands entwined

I need to forget you

Start a new chapter

Pretend you were a breeze

That ruffled my hair

So I’ll scream at the walls

Howl at the sky

Searching for answers

To say a firm goodbye

Little Ginge x


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