Two flies flew in through the window

I got bored so I named my new friends

Wonderfully confused was he, Larry

Dynamically minded Jacob soared in

Larry was passive and also quite shy

Never strayed from the window or came to my grasp

Jacob was angry and charged at the panes

Sulked on the rug and buzzed at me

Shook his fists and skulked on the ledge

Like an old lonely man afraid of the world

He cursed and he swore so I opened the door

But instead he got violent and flew at me more

I opened the window and tried to coax him out

This time it worked and he ran with his freedom

Larry flew out but spared me a glance

A quiet thank you and a stroll back into his world

I had never seen flies akin to us men

Perhaps we shall in reincarnation

Little Ginge x


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