Good Girl

If I behave can I be your Eve?

Play the virgin Queen and rule quietly by your side?

Place aside my stony glare in return for kind words?

Refuse the apple and keep my glass case intact,

Will that be enough?

Or would you rather I birth you strong sons,

And sacrifice them for your noble wars?

I mean a girl can’t wield a gun like a man, how silly of me to presume

Would you like me to dance like the harlot I am for a few coins,

So you can drink us into poor obscurity?

It’s only natural that you want a pint or six after all that brawling

Would you hold my hand and tell me you love me again,

If I took a pay cut to make way for your inflated ego?

Who cares if I worked hard, your happiness is all I care about

Do you need more?

Light up the screen with my death defying beauty so your friends can stare in awe,

But tremble in your shadow and bruise when your hand ‘slips’?

It’s nothing a little cover up won’t fix is it?

Should I praise your beer gut and ape like limbs,

And try not to whimper when you climb on top of me?

It’s my fault my body didn’t say no to rape after all

Analyse every pixel of that photograph you took of me,

Allow you to call me ugly and disgusting?

Apologise for not being a photo shopped ideal or your pornographic fantasy

Because after all, you’re right; I’m just a little woman.

Yet the idea of giving me power scares you half to death.

Little Ginge x


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